My architecture design is based upon my clients.

Each client is unique in idea, scale and means. Every single project and client vision is carefully studied, refined and executed by integrating seemingly disparate forces into a cohesive whole. Always, the goal is firmness, commodity and delight.

My approach to each design problem is based upon my training and experience in both architectural and mechanical design. My background includes carpenter work on single family homes, commercial roofing installation, real estate development and more traditional architectural training. These experiences have given me a unique insight that produces unified results.

In addition, my experience in Construction Management and patent pending Construction Techniques allows for another level of design and project delivery that is distinctive, if not singular, to my practice. My unique self-training and years of varied experience allow me the means of innovative project delivery and actual construction.

The term “architect” is derived from the Greek word arkhitekton - n., “master builder.” To me, this definition states that an architect must ultimately achieve a level of vision and skill beyond the limited concept of “the builder” and “the draftsman.” My approach is most easily understood by the origin of the “arkhitekton” as the foundation of my practice.